Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

OP-METS System from Mark Spriggle, US Conec

OptoTest Corporation, a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing optical test equipment, offers a robust lineup of fiber optic switches for use in various applications. US Conec Ltd. Has been pleased with the OP-METS system OptoTest offers as their standard product to a customer specific application such as ours.  The multichannel data logging software has the ability to measure insertion loss (IL), return loss (RL), as well the ability to control and log temperature and humidity of various environmental chambers.  I have been delighted with channel stability / repeatability while taking measurements every 20 minutes over 4 to 7 days of continuous testing.  OptoTest has been very responsive to make software updates and/or custom options to help improve our internal requirements.  I would recommend the Multimode or Single-mode OP-METS system to any company requiring long-term reliability testing of optical components similar to our MTP®, MT-RJ®, MXC™, & PRIZM® LightTurn® connectors.”

OP930 and OP1302 from Kristian Stewart, TE Australia

“This test system is flexible for Lab and Production set-up. Can be easily configured and customised to work on any Passive Optic assembly testing. The software complements the solution again being easily able to customise to any test situation. The level of service and support with these products is excellent. Further to this the USB remote head is a good unit. Also provides greater flexibility with all our OP930 Sources.”

OP930 and OPL-MAX from Cody Gober, Data Center Systems

“I want to express my gratitude for the help that Danny Galindo and Michael Rodriguez has provided me while trying to implement our new OP930s. It was very helpful to have Danny onsite yesterday to explain how the OPL-MAX software works and also help me set up a test report template with Michael’s assistance. Michael has given us great technical support over the last few years through either phone calls or screen sharing. Again, I just wanted to say thanks for being a trusted partner with DCS.”