Adapters Overview

Adapters Overview


Large Area Detector Adapters

Interfaces with detectors size 5mm and larger. Available in a variety of options such as for MTP connectors and for universal 2.5mm ferrule.

OptoTest AD 25

Standard Adapters

Interfaces with detectors size 3mm and smaller. Many options available to accommodate most simplex connector types.

OptoTest HAD LC

Optical Black Adapters

OptoTest’s optical black adapters interface the same way their aluminum counterparts do, but the low reflectivity provides the highest possible accuracy for insertion loss measurements.

OptoTest LCAD 16

Launch Condition Analyzer Adapters

Designed specifically for use with the OP1021, these adapters provide the most stable launch condition measurements by immobilizing the ferrule.


Sphere Adapters

Interfaces with OptoTest’s Integrating Sphere with many different options including MTP, bare fiber, and a variety of simplex connector types.

OptoTest BFA1

Bare Fiber Adapters

The OP-BFA is a precision bare fiber adapter for ribbon fibers. In conjunction with Our LAAD-BF, and a large area detector, the customer can accurately test cables which are only terminated on a single side of the cable.