AN-101 Bar Code Scanning

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AN-101 Bar Code Scanning


In the fast-paced production lines where fiber optic cables are made, every second saved is a penny earned. In an effort to help reduce production time related to re-typing serial numbers and part numbers, OptoTest has integrated the functionality of a bar code scanner. This application note will briefly describe how to configure a bar code scanner to be used with OPL-MAX.

Setting up the Scanner

When the scanner connects to the computer via USB, the drivers should install automatically. The scanner should then beep indicating that it is connected to the computer. The output of the scanner should be in ASCII and have no prefixes or suffixes. This is to avoid any unwanted errors in OPL-MAX.

When scanning a bar code, be sure that the laser is centered over it to ensure that no data clipping occurs.

How to use the scanner with OPL-MAX

OPL-MAX is already configured to handle bar code scanning for part numbers, serial numbers, etc. To use the bar code scanner with OPL-MAX, select the Measure tab. Select the proper information to be scanned. For instance, if you are going to scan in a Part number, be sure to highlight the “Partnumber” box. If you are replacing old information, highlight the entire text for the scanner to fully replace it.

Figure 1: Highlighted section before scan
Figure 1: Highlighted section before scan

Scan the bar code to replace this Partnumber. A beep should indicate a scan was initiated and OPL-MAX should update its information automatically.

Figure 2: Part number changed after scan
Figure 2: Part number changed after scan

Repeat this process for all necessary information. When finished, be sure to click Update Data Sheet or Cancel Changes if unsatisfied.

General Information
The scanner used for this Application Note was a Honeywell 3800g. For more information on this scanner visit
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