AN-117 Measuring Insertion Loss and Return Loss of Hybrid Cables in OPL-MAX

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AN117 Overview

Obtaining connector-level insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) for hybrid cables is complicated by the different connector types on either end of the cable. Hybrid cables cannot simply be flipped to test the reverse direction when the reference and device under test (DUT) connectors are no longer compatible. A test setup comprised of the OP940 IL and RL Meter with two detectors, the OP725 Benchtop Optical Switch, and OPL-Max Application Software solves the compatibility issue and allows for hybrid cable testing with high speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

*Details on how to perform these measurments through the front panel of the OP940 can be found in Application Note AN-111 Measuring Insertion Loss and Return Loss on Hybrid Cables.

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