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Is measuring 14dB important for accurate Return Loss measurements?

Does OptoTest do equipment for Tensile Strength Testing?

What is the maximum number of channels OptoTest can provide for Environmental Testing?

What is the long-term stability of IL measurements for OptoTest units?

How long does it take to measure Insertion Loss and Return Loss for a 12/24 channel cable assembly?

My OP930 will not measure return loss and reads “PANEL” or an odd length measurement during RL reference. What is wrong with the unit?

I have a multimode OP930 and I am using a modal conditioner to comply with EF launch conditions. I am getting return loss reference values around -19 and -20dB through the modal conditioner. Is this correct? Does it affect my return loss measurements? Without the conditioner I get a normal 14dB reflection.

I have a new unit, but it doesn’t seem to connect to the software. I get an error saying the ftd2xx.dll file is missing. How do I get the unit to talk to my software?

Why does my OP930 read a distance not equal to my reference cable length after referencing return loss?

I have an OP930 and my insertion loss works great, but when I try to reference return loss, the unit will not reference properly. Is my device broken?


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