Multichannel Environmental Test System

The Multichannel Environmental Test System OP-METS is ideal for testing insertion loss and return loss on fiber optic cable assemblies and connectors that are deployed in industries such as telecommunications, data center, military, aerospace, and entertainment production. OptoTest equipment features mandrel-free return loss and MEMS switches to maximize ease-of-use, speed, and repeatability.

How to Save Time When Testing Multiple Cable Types

Changing out reference cables during the insertion loss and return loss testing process to accommodate new DUT types can cause downtime for a manufacturing line and drastically reduce the efficiency of the cable production process. With single channel DUTs and reference cables, the issue may seem inconsequential. However, in the modern fiber production line every […]

Optical Shuffle Polarity Testing

Optical Shuffle Testing with OP415 Polarity Analyzer How do you Find Flaws in Optical Systems with Multiple Signal Pathways? As the demand for more information in smaller form factors increases, optical shuffles emerge as a method for maximizing the efficiency of an optical network. Their ability to route signals in many different directions increases the complexity […]