High Performance Reference Cables

Even the highest quality test equipment can only perform as well as the reference cables it is used with. It can be simple to overlook the importance of the cable quality relative to the major cost of the test equipment, but customers can find themselves spending countless hours troubleshooting issues only for low quality cables […]

WEBINAR: Testing MTP®/MPO Assemblies: Setups, Troubleshooting, and What to Expect

MTP Testing Assemblies feature image

MTP®/MPO cable assemblies are prevalent in fiber networks and their quantities are growing as parallel communication increases.  These assemblies introduce unique testing challenges, whether it is a standard 12f MPO to 12f MPO assembly or one of the various different fanouts and fiber count configurations.  In this presentation, learn more about equipment identification and setup, […]

Optical Power Meter Selection Guideline

OPM Selection Guidelines image

Download Video Transcript When building a test system for your device under test (DUT), choosing the correct detector is of upmost importance. In this video, learn everything there is to know about the different detector and power meter options out there. OptoTest offers a wide range of Power Meter solutions, from handheld single detectors to […]