AN-111 Measuring Insertion Loss and Return Loss on Hybrid Cables

AN-111 Measuring IL/RL on Hybrid Cables Overview Testing simplex cables with unmatched connector types poses difficulties because the cable cannot simply be turned around to test the reverse direction. While hybrid bulkheads (SC-FC, ST-FC, etc.) are one option that can solve the problem with only minor issues, in some circumstances hybrid bulkheads will not provide […]

AN-108 Test Procedure for SC-LC Hybrid Cables (OPL-PRO 930)

AN-108 Test Procedure for SC-LC Hybrid Cables (OPL-PRO 930) Overview Testing duplex cables with unlike connectors can be both time consuming and messy without the proper procedure. The following test procedure will show how to best test duplex cables with unlike connectors—in this case, LC-SC—as well as having an organized and in-depth test report created through […]

AN-104 MTP-MTP Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testing with OPL-MAX

AN-104 MTP-MTP Insertion Loss/Return Loss Testing with OPL-Max Overview There are three methods to measure an MTP-MTP patch cord. The first involves using the large area detector or integrating sphere on the OP930. The second method uses a launch and receive cable and reference insertion loss individually per channel through an OP710 Multichannel Power Meter. […]