Calibration Services

OptoTest offers a variety of calibration services to meet customer demands for quality and efficiency.

Our in-house calibration department is capable of servicing the full range of OptoTest equipment and can provide a full spectrum of troubleshooting and repair services. In the on-site version, a member of the OptoTest team performs the calibrations at the customer site. In the remote version, we supervise and perform the calibration remotely with assistance from an operator on the customer side.

Additionally, OptoTest has certified calibration centers set up throughout the world with our trusted partners who can provide local calibration services. For further information, please contact Customer Support.

OptoTest and its certified calibration centers have the ability to adjust the internal parameters to make the units meet specifications if they are found to be out of spec during the verification process, eliminating the need for adjustment tables and added uncertainty.

To request an RMA contact OptoTest at +1 (805) 987-1700 or

European Service and Calibration Center

Calibration services provided by Mesomatic Messtechnik AG (located in Switzerland) are OptoTest certified and directly traceable to METAS.

United Kingdom Service and Calibration Center

Calibration services provided by Lambda Photometrics (located in England) are OptoTest certified and traceable to NIST.