AN-137 Preventing Damage to Optical Connectors

AN-137 Preventing Damage to Optical Connectors Effects of Damaged Front Panels Maintaining your equipment’s interface & connectors is absolutely critical to achieving quality results. Damaged instrumentation interfaces and reference cables can add loss and reflections as well as reduce stability, making it difficult to take accurate measurements. In addition to adhering to strict policies regarding cleaning […]


AN-132 SAVer Cable Short Instructions

AN-132 SAVer Cable Short Instructions Overview The SAVer cables are designed to ‘save’ the instrument front panel from dirt, scratches and potentially expensive repairs and downtime. When the SAVer cable is used with the high quality mating adapter, MAAD-FC, your front panels will stay clean without adding loss. The SAVer cable can be repolished or replaced quickly and […]


AN-103 Measuring ILRL for Unlike Connectors Using a Golden Cable and Bi-Directional Return Loss Meter

AN-103 Measuring ILRL Overview Testing hybrid cables poses certain difficulties due to the ends having unlike connector types. Typically hybrid bulkheads/adapters are required (SC-FC, ST-FC, etc.) and many times they solve the problem with minor issues. However, in some circumstances hybrid bulkheads will not suffice. When testing SC-LC cables, such an instance arises. SC-LC bulkheads […]