OptoTest is now part of Santec Corporation


To Our Valued Customers and Partners,

84b518b8 282d 6137 4830 193a703f53d2We are excited to announce that OptoTest has been acquired by Santec Corporation, a Japanese company with 42-years of experience in micro-optics, advanced optical devices, tunable lasers, and optical test & measurement. OptoTest will become a fully owned subsidiary of Santec Corporation and will continue to operate under its existing brand for the foreseeable future.

We doubt you will notice any changes in the short term. Your sales and support contacts will remain the same. The OptoTest team back at the factory will also remain the same.

Collectively, Santec and OptoTest complement each other with a diversified range of expertise to provide reliable and accurate products while maintaining exceptional customer support.

All of us at OptoTest want to thank you for your continued business and support. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

The Leadership Team, OptoTest

White Paper: Causes of Return Loss at Mated Single Mode Fiber Optic Connections


Return loss in fiber optic connections can significantly degrade system performance. Connections will exhibit return loss even if they are perfectly clean and possess ideal geometries. This paper explains how the complexities of different physical connections contribute to return loss, such as:

  • Contributions from small refractive index differences between fibers
  • Damage caused by endface polishing
  • Fiber deformation due to the connector spring force

This paper also explains how an angle polished on the fiber and connector helps to significantly reduce the return loss by directing reflected light at the endface of the connector out of the fiber core, hence reducing the light traveling back towards the source.
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US Conec Fiber Optic Tools Now Available in OptoTest’s Online Store

USConec ecommerce
OptoTest is pleased to announce the availability of US Conec’s MTP® fiber optic tools and consumables in our online store.

US Conec has long been a trusted OptoTest partner, and their tools are used in-house every day for manufacturing our industry leading test and measurement instruments. Their proven quality, reliability, and ease of use are why we refer US Conec tools to our customers.

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OptoTest Breaks New Ground for IEC 61300-3-28 Transient Loss Testing with Improved OP740 Multichannel High-Speed Optical Power Meters

OP740 News
OptoTest has announced improvements to its OP740 multichannel high-speed optical power meters, which are now capable of simultaneous data acquisition as fast as 125,000 samples per second with an 8 µs sampling period.

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OptoTest Announces New OP960 Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meters, Now Faster and More Reliable Than Ever

OP960 post Banner
OptoTest has announced the launch of their new flagship OP960 Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) meters, the fastest in the industry, which were revealed during last week’s Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) virtual event.

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Custom Made-to-Order OP720-Matrix MEMS 3D Optical Matrix Switches

OptoTest has announced the availability of custom, made-to-order OP720-Matrix MEMS 3D Optical Switches for fiber optic manufacturers, test laboratories, and network designers looking to increase the expandability and flexibility of new and existing test systems.

3D Tilting MEMS Mirror Matrix Technology incorporated in the OP720-Matrix switch maintains bidirectional connectivity of active channels while others are being connected and routed, providing high-speed, reliability, and long life, with no large moving parts that can wear out over time.

An OP720-Matrix switch can be ordered with up to 96 x 96 channels when configured for Any Input to Any Output, and up to 48 ports when configured for Any Port to Any Port.

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OptoTest Announces Cutting Edge Fusion Splice Solutions Through New Collaboration with AFL

OptoTest has announced a new collaboration with industry leader AFL to offer the latest in field ready fusion splicing technology from Fujikura for simplex and ribbon optical fibers. Incorporating advanced features and designed for simple maintenance and service, while maintaining high precision and low splice loss, Fujikura fusion splicers are ideal for production and R&D labs.

Fujikura’s 41S Active Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer, 90R Mass Fusion Splicer, and 90S+ Core Alignment Fusion Splicer are now available for purchase through OptoTest. All Fujikura splicers offer fast splicing times, extremely low loss, and high repeatability in a rugged, compact, and portable package with easy-to-use touchscreen controls.

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