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OPL-CLX Fiber Optic Test Equipment Software Tutorial Videos

OPL-CLX is OptoTest’s newest and most robust Fiber Optic Test Equipment Software ever! OPL-CLX provides your test operator with a more streamlined, and easier to use interface that allows them to perform tests faster. Additionally, administrators love the enhanced abilities to setup operators quickly and even provides database support. Learn more about it’s power and usage in these videos.

Bidi ILRL Simplex DUT

Video: Testing Bidirectional Insertion Loss and Return Loss on a Simplex DUT

Bidirectional testing is an effective way to test connector-level return loss (RL) and throughput insertion loss (IL) for a variety of different DUTs. In this video, our CTO Chris Heisler walks through the process of referencing and performing a bidi test on a simplex DUT using OPL-CLX. Learn how this new software suite enhances the test process by simplifying how the operator captures results and creates labels for the finished product.