WEBINAR: Key Attributes of Modern Cleaning and Inspection Solutions

Dirt and damage on fiber optic connections account for most problems in fiber networks. Cleaning and inspection are necessary protocols, and many solutions are available. Key differences among inspection solutions are under appreciated by many which could leave problems remaining undetected. This webinar explores these issues to enable attendees to make informed decisions about the solutions they implement for their needs.

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OIDA Technology Showcase 2020 Event

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Dec 2020 OIDA event image
OptoTest is proud to announce that we are participating in the OIDA Technology Showcase hosted by The Optical Society (OSA). We have exciting topics and demonstrations planned throughout the day on Day 1 and hope you will join us. Click here to learn more about the event and register for free!

We are presenting on Day 1 at 11:25 – 11:40 EDT (8:25 – 8:40am PDT) and will have a networking room for the whole day (7am-10:35am PDT).


OptoTest Networking Room Schedule: (All times PDT)

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WEBINAR: Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testing of Complex Cable Assemblies

In this webinar, we explore simple test setups to accurately measure IL and RL for various non-standard and emerging cable assemblies including: hybrid patch cords, unibody duplex (SN and MDC), shuffles, loopbacks, and expanded beam connectors. We will also look at the new 3M expanded beam EBO connector in detail and show features that make it optimal for connectivity and installation.

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WEBINAR: Testing MTP®/MPO Assemblies: Setups, Troubleshooting, and What to Expect

MTP®/MPO cable assemblies are prevalent in fiber networks and their quantities are growing as parallel communication increases.  These assemblies introduce unique testing challenges, whether it is a standard 12f MPO to 12f MPO assembly or one of the various different fanouts and fiber count configurations.  In this presentation, learn more about equipment identification and setup, as well as proper testing during production. We also explore common pitfalls and ways to identify errors and inaccuracies during the testing process. US Conec will review terminated MPO connector standards required for test leads including polarity methodologies and how configurable connector types can be used to make the test setups more versatile.

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