OP720 Test & Measurement Optical Switch

Advancing the World of Fiber Optics™

OptoTest_OP720The OP720 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications available in a slim-line, ultra-compact frame. This optical switch is USB powered and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching.  With high repeatability and low loss, the OP720 is ideally suited for high channel count optical devices such as DWDM, waveguides, and splitters. Paired with our OP940 Return Loss Meter and the

OptoTest OP720HighChannelCount

OPL Software Suite, insertion and return loss (IL/RL) can be measured accurately and efficiently on multifiber devices.

The OP720 is available for up to 150 channels.  If your needs require above 150 channels, please contact our sales personnel for a custom quote.

Product Features

  • Compact, slim-line, ultra thin all optical switch
  • MEMS technology, high reliability, long life
  • USB powered, no external power supply needed
  • Bright organic OLED for channel display
  • Interface to custom applications via OPL-SDK
  • High speed USB Interface for communication
  • 2×2 configuration available for bi-directional testing


Product Specs

OP720Single Mode – SWMultimode – SW
Channel Count2 to 150 channel output (inquire about higher channel counts)
Internal FiberSMF28, 9/12550/125 OR 62.5 /125
Insertion Loss<1.2dB*
Repeatability± 0.003dB
Switching Time1 msec
Optical InterfaceST, FC, SC, LC (other upon request)
Power for channel counts 2 to 24USB (less than 0.1Amps)
Power for channel counts over 24Power Cable
90VAC .. 264VAC
47Hz to 63Hz
0.7Amps(115VAC) 0.4Amps(230VAC)
Fuse: T1A, 250V
Dimensions for channel counts 2 to 2419” x 1.75” x 12”
Dimensions for channel counts over 2419” x 7” x 14.9”

* Insertion Loss for channel counts ≤4; larger channel counts will have more loss.