MTP®/MPO Overview

MTP®/MPO Testing Overview

OptoTest offers complete and tailored solutions for measuring Insertion Loss, Return Loss, and Polarity of multifiber connectors, such as MTP®/MPO and MXC™. These solutions provide the fastest and most accurate results while optimizing the testing process. These test solutions can be used alone or combined with each other and software to create a system that best fits your needs.

OP40-CSW front image

Compact Multichannel Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meter

The compact multichannel OP940 is an internally switched Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) meter designed for MPO/MTP® testing. The compact design significantly reduces setup time, cost, risk, and footprint.

OP940 Multichannel Insertion Loss Return Loss Meter image

Multichannel Insertion Loss & Return Loss Meter

The OP940-SW is a multichannel insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) meter designed for testing ribbon cables and multi-pin termini. It features a color LCD screen, an optical reflectance scan mode, programmable pass/fail for editable test criteria and on screen context help.

OptoTest OP710

Multichannel Optical Power Meter

The OP710 offers an economical approach for optical power measurement applications where multiple channels are needed. Unlike other systems, this instrument is built up with individual power meters allowing for unparalleled simultaneous data acquisition over all channels.

OP415 Polarity Analyzer

MPO/MTP® Polarity Analyzer

The OP415 was designed to test 24-fiber MTP®/MPO cable assemblies efficiently, but it can easily be configured for 8-fiber and 12-fiber testing. It comes pre-loaded with 12-fiber and 24-fiber polarity types A, B, and C plus the ability to create and store custom fiber mappings and channel configurations.

OptoTest OP480 OP280

MTP®/MPO & Ribbon Fiber Polarity Test System

OptoTest’s OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester automates testing for broken and crossed fibers with immediate and easy-to-read results. When used in conjunction with the OP280MT Ribbon Visual Fault Locator, the OP480MT quickly displays results for many different ribbon configurations and channel counts including type A, B, C, and Universal.

OptoTest OP280 e1424910751749

Ribbon Visual Fault Locator

OptoTest_OP280The OP280MT is designed to check for breaks in a ribbon fiber and to verify correct polarity of ribbon fiber connectors, hybrid cables and distribution boxes quickly and conveniently. Each of the twelve fibers is illuminated with bright 635nm red LASERs.

OptoTest OP720

Optical Switch

The OP720 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications available in a slim-line, ultra-compact frame. This optical switch is USB powered and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching.  With high repeatability and low loss, the OP720 is ideally suited for high channel count optical devices such as DWDM, waveguides, and splitters.

OP720 2U

High Channel Count Optical Switch

The OP720 is an optical switch for single mode and multimode applications. This individual 1xN optical switch is available with up to 48 channels in a 2U format and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching. With high repeatability and low loss, the OP720 is ideally suited for high channel count optical devices such as DWDM, waveguides, and splitters.


Bidirectional Optical Switch

The OP721 is an all-in-one bidirectional optical switch for single mode and multimode applications. This optical switch is powered by an external 5V power supply and incorporates the latest in high-speed switching technology.

OptoTest OP8501

Multichannel Insertion Loss Meter

The OP850 offers a very efficient solution for measuring insertion loss (IL) on multiple fiber cables or ribbon cables with MTP or MXC components. Insertion loss (IL) is quickly and accurately measured with the use of continuous wave (CW) sources in both single mode (SM) or multimode (MM) wavelengths combined with a highly repeatable optical switch.


Integrating Sphere

OptoTest’s OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere is designed as a cost-effective solution for optical testing of fibers terminated with high-density connectors such as MTP®/MPO or bare fiber. The Integrating Sphere works by reflecting and evenly distributing the light over the entire surface of the internal cavity, making Insertion Loss (IL) measurements stable and repeatable with low polarization dependence.


MTP®/MPO High Performance Reference Cables

In order to obtain accurate and repeatable results measuring insertion and return loss, the reference connector needs to outperform the connector under test. Reference cables from OptoTest are manufactured with reference ends that are certified to exceed the FOTP171A (A2.2.1) standard.

OptoTest CleaningProducts

Connector Cleaning Tools
25, 125 and MT Clean

To ensure maximum optical connector life and best possible insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL), all fiber optic connectors must be cleaned prior to any mating. Failure to properly clean a fiber optic connector can destroy the end face polish the first time the connector is mated, while a properly cared for connector will last for more than 500 matings.

Remote InGaAs Optical Power Meter Detector Head, RIN1 from OptoTest

Remote Head Power Meters

OptoTest’s Remote Head Power Meters (OPRH) create a highly adaptable fiber optic test environment when coupled with a supporting mainframe (eg OP940OP815, etc) and maintain the same high level of accuracy and repeatability as panel mounted detectors.

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Software Suite

OPL-CLX combines a robust test and measurement engine with a modular structure and SQL database support to create the ultimate testing experience. This software suite is designed to meet the needs of demanding production lines and to grow with you as the industry continues to evolve, all with OptoTest’s industry-leading speed and accuracy.

OPL MAX logo image


Software Suite

OPL-MAX supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing and is ideal for facilities producing multifiber cables or more complex components. Its programmable sequences, FiberMap crossed fiber analysis, and easily configured test reports allow for a completely customizable testing solution.

OPLLOG logo image


Software Suite

Built on the OPL-MAX measurement and computing core, OPL-LOG also supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing with all the same customization. However, while OPL-MAX is suited for use in a production line, OPL-LOG specializes in performing timer-based, long-term data gathering. To support this, OPL-LOG can control a number of third-party devices such as an ESPEC Temperature and Humidity Chamber and a Fluke Hydra to measure not only the change in insertion loss and return loss over time, but also temperature, humidity, and other parameters.