Insertion Loss Overview

Insertion Loss Testing Overview

Whether for single channel or multichannel applications, OptoTest Insertion Loss and Return Loss meters are designed for speed, accuracy, and simplicity. Industry-leading companies worldwide use these test systems to perform the fastest RL measurements in the industry, all without needing mandrels or index matching gel. Let OptoTest help you find the ideal IL and RL test system.

OptoTest OP8151

OP815  Insertion Loss Meter

The OP815 measures insertion loss on simplex optical fiber cables by using continuous wave (CW) sources in conjunction with a high quality optical power meter. With a customizable selection of sources, fiber types, detectors, and front panel connectors, the OP815 is the ideal solution for measuring IL on any simplex cable.

OptoTest OP815D

OP815-D  Dual Channel (Duplex) Insertion Loss Meter

The OP815-D measures insertion loss (IL) on duplex fiber optic components quickly and accurately. The insertion loss is measured by utilizing the built-in stabilized LASER or LED source in combination with the precision optical power meter. Both channels are measured simultaneously in less than one second.

OptoTest OP8311

OP831 Bidirectional Insertion Loss Meter

The OP831 is designed to perform bi-directional insertion loss measurements on simplex fiber optic cables. The integrated source and power meter together with the OPL-Pro application software allow for a fully automated bidirectional insertion loss analysis of the connected cable.

OptoTest OP8501

OP850  Multichannel Insertion Loss Meter

Using continuous wave (CW) sources, the OP850 efficiently measures insertion loss on multiple fiber cables or ribbon cables. It is a great option for testing insertion loss on cables with MTP or MPO components. The unit can be configured up to 24 channels of source outputs with either single mode or multimode fiber and the appropriate sources to measure that fiber type.