Launch Condition Overview

Launch Condition Overview

OptoTest OP752 MOD


Modal Conditioner

With the OptoTest OP752 Multichannel Modal Conditioner, you can quickly meet critical launch condition requirements like Encircled Flux, M80 or 70/70 fill for multichannel test setups.

Launch Condition Analyzer Syetem


Launch Condition Analyzer System

The OP1021 Launch Condition Analyzer is a convenient and compact benchtop Nearfield and Farfield scanner for optical fibers.  Coupled with the OPL-LCA software developed by OptoTest for Windows®, the user can scan and easily plot both the Nearfield and Farfield patterns of any compatible fiber.

OptoTest LCKit FAFP


Launch Condition Kit

he OP-LCKIT produces a controlled launch and can be specified for common connector types (FC, SC, LC, etc.) with UPC or APC polish, fiber size (50µm, 62.5µm, etc.), and to meet launch conditions such as Encircled Flux, M80, or 70/70 fill.