Multichannel Environmental Test System

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The OP-METS is ideal for harsh environment testing of fiber optic cable assemblies and connectors. It meets standards such as GR-326 and Verizon and it can be completely customized offering stable and accurate insertion loss and mandrel-free Return Loss measurements.

OptoTest OP-METS are designed with each customer’s needs in mind: including options for single mode, multimode, and FTTX applications in either unidirectional or bidirectional configurations.

Equipment can be custom-tailored to meet your launch conditions specifications, including Encircled Flux. Mandrel-free return loss and MEMS switches allow for the fastest, most accurate, and widest dynamic range of measurements in the industry.

Upon request the OP-METS can be built into a 32 U rack enclosure. The OP-METS can be used with OPL-LOG which is a data-logging software that controls OptoTest’s units, chambers, and thermocouples.

Results for insertion loss, return loss, and temperature are graphed in real time and saved to an Excel file for further analysis and traceability.

Another unique feature of OPL-LOG is its ability to run two tests simultaneously, allowing for short term testing while a long-term tests running.

This test station combines the most accurate measurements, the fastest channel-to-channel switching time, and the most stable test equipment on the market.