OP721 Bidirectional Optical Switch

The OP721 is an all-in-one bidirectional optical switch for single mode and multimode applications. This optical switch is powered by an external 5V power supply and incorporates the latest in high-speed switching technology. By combining the high channel count capability of the OP720 with the 2×2 configuration of the OP725, the OP721 is ideally suited for multifiber bidirectional testing.

Product Features

  • All-in-one fiber optic switch

  • 2×2 configuration for bidirectional testing

  • MEMS technology, high-reliability, long-life

  • External 5V power supply

  • Bright OLED front panel display

  • Software interface via OPL-Max and DLLs

  • USB interface for communication

Product Specs

OP721 Single Mode – SW Multimode – SW
Channel Count 2 to 24 output
Internal Fiber SMF28, 9/125 50/125 OR 62.5 /125
Insertion Loss 3.0dB Typical, 4dB Max
Repeatability ± 0.003dB
Switching Time 1 msec
Crosstalk >50dB
Optical Interface ST, FC, SC, LC (other upon request)
Power for channel counts 2 to 24 5V, 1.2 Amps
Power for channel counts over 24 Power Cable
90VAC .. 264VAC
47Hz to 63Hz
0.7Amps (115VAC) 0.4Amps (230VAC)
Fuse: T1A, 250V
Dimensions for channel counts 2 to 24 19” x 1.75” x 12”
Dimensions for channel counts over 24 19” x 7” x 14.9”