OPL-CLX IL and RL Fiber Optic Testing Software Suite

Fiber Optic Testing Software Suite

OPL-CLX combines a robust test and measurement engine with a modular structure and SQL database support to create the ultimate IL and RL testing experience. This software suite is designed to meet the needs of demanding production lines and to grow with you as the industry continues to evolve, all with OptoTest’s industry-leading speed and accuracy.

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Easy-to-Navigate and Customizable Layout

The user interface of OPL-CLX is divided into different view windows that let you create your own user experience. You can move, resize, expand, and minimize view windows to optimize your work flow. As your needs change, OPL-CLX has the flexibility to change with you.

Retesting a DUT is Made Simple and Traceable

When customer requirements leave no room for error, a failing DUT can shut down a test station when the operator is forced to stop mid-test to fix it. The ability to test out of order and reload previous test sessions in OPL-CLX gives you the flexibility to retest failing DUTs at your discretion.  Along with that flexibility, you can also track and set a limit on the number of retests allowed.

Test Large Batches of DUTs in any Order

When doing large-scale production, time spent sorting DUTs to test them in a particular order is time better spent testing. With OPL-CLX, you can test batches of cable in any order, and partially completed batches can be saved in sessions to work on later. OPL-CLX tracks the completion of a test batch for you, so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Retesting DUTs is made simple and traceable
  • Create and modify test setups without impacting testing
  • Record quality metrics for further analysis
  • Localization makes OPL-CLX accessible to facilities worldwide
  • Make the most of OPL-CLX with SQL database integration
  • Support for bar code scanner use
  • Polarity verification with the OP415
  • Reflection Scan for in-depth troubleshooting
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OPL-CLX Software Suite Overview

OP940-CSW & CLX: Reference & Test IL/RL

Testing Bidirectional IL/RL on a Simplex DUT

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Testing From a Template

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Pass Fail Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Connector Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Fiber Type Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Instrument Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Instrument Set Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Creating Control Step

OPL-CLX Tutorial
DUT Creation (MPO to LC fanout DUT)

OPL-CLX Tutorial
DUT Creation (MPO to MPO patch cord DUT)

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Continue Testing with Existing Session

OPL-CLX Tutorial
DUT Substitution and Template Creation

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Sequence Creation MT4–MT4

OPL-CLX Tutorial
Sequence Creation MT4-Fanout