OptoTest Releases New Adapters for Integrating Sphere

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OptoTest is pleased to announce the release of new adapters for testing duplex LC (including unibody), 16f MTP®, and CS connectors. With these adapters, insertion loss and return loss are tested across all fibers of the connectors without the need to move or slide the adapter.

The new adapters were designed for the OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere to expand the testing capabilities of existing systems. Using the same magnetic interface as existing OP-SPHR adapters, the new adapters are easily interchangeable to accommodate testing hybrid cables and help to promote highly flexible production environments.

A redesign of the OP-SPHR accommodates the higher fiber density and larger fiber pitch that these new adapters call for and is backwards-compatible to existing adapters and applications, all while maintaining the stability and repeatability that OptoTest is known for. As the needs of our customers evolve, we are committed to being a leader of innovation in fiber optic testing.

In addition, we are working closely with US Conec to develop an adapter for the new MDC duplex connector. The new adapters, including the MDC duplex, will be displayed at ECOC in Dublin. Be sure to stop at our booth #112.

MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec LTd.

Integrated Sphere MTP-16 Adapter
Integrated Sphere DLC


The new adapters and redesigned OP-SPHR are available now. Contact OptoTest for more information.

 We proudly manufacture our equipment in our US-based ISO-9001:2015 facility in California.

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