Polarity Testing Overview

Polarity Testing Overview

OptoTest OP280 e1424910751749


Ribbon Visual Fault Locator

OptoTest_OP280The OP280MT is designed to check for breaks in a ribbon fiber and to verify correct polarity of ribbon fiber connectors, hybrid cables and distribution boxes quickly and conveniently. Each of the twelve fibers is illuminated with bright 635nm red LASERs.

OptoTest OP480 OP280


MTP®/MPO & Ribbon Fiber Polarity Test System

OptoTest’s OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester automates testing for broken and crossed fibers with immediate and easy-to-read results. When used in conjunction with the OP280MT Ribbon Visual Fault Locator, the OP480MT quickly displays results for many different ribbon configurations and channel counts including type A, B, C, and Universal.

OP415 Polarity Analyzer


Polarity Analyzer

The OP415 was designed to test 24-fiber MTP®/MPO cable assemblies efficiently, but it can easily be configured for 8-fiber and 12-fiber testing. It comes pre-loaded with 12-fiber and 24-fiber polarity types A, B, and C plus the ability to create and store custom fiber mappings and channel configurations.