Accessories Overview

High Performance Interface SAVer Cables

Take proactive steps to minimize the risk of damage to your test system. SAVer cables are an excellent tool for protecting your test equipment in order to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs.

High Performance Reference Cables

HPR-MTP cables are available in hybrid / fanout or MTP-to-MTP configurations.  MTP connectors are aslo available in both male and female variants.

Simplex High Performance Reference Cables

HPR reference cables can be terminated with any of the standard simplex connectors (FC, SC, LC, etc.) and PC/UPC or APC polish.

Launch Condition Kit

The OP-LCKIT produces a controlled launch and can be specified for common connector types.

25, 125 and MT Clean
Connector Cleaning Tools

OptoTest’s line of connector cleaners allows operators to quickly and effectively clean fiber endfaces to preserve the quality of the connection.