Insertion Loss & Return Loss Testing

OP940 Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meter

The OP940 system features a color LCD screen, an Optical Reflectance Scan Mode, Programmable Pass/Fail Criteria for on-screen test results, and On-Screen Context Help. Additionally, it can measure return loss at two positions simultaneously through the front panel meaning that it can test the RL of both connectors on a patch cord without the need for software.

OP940-SW Multichannel Insertion Loss and Return Loss Meter

The OP940-SW is a multichannel insertion loss (IL) and return loss (RL) meter designed for testing ribbon cables and multi-pin termini. It features a color LCD screen, an optical reflectance scan mode, programmable pass/fail for editable test criteria and on screen context help.

OP725-OP940 Bidirectional Insertion Loss and Return Loss Test System

The OP725 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications. Paired with our OP940 Insertion & Return Loss Meter, operators can make quick work of measuring both ends of cables in a truly bidirectional manner.

HPR-Cables High Performance Reference Cables

The importance of high quality reference grade connectors to loss testing cannot be understated; higher-quality reference connectors will result in more accurate and repeatable test results. All reference cables created by OptoTest are manufactured with reference ends that are certified to exceed the FOTP171A (A2.2.1) standard.

Saver Cable

High Performance Interface SAVer Cable

The SAVer cables are designed to ‘save’ the instrument front panel from dirt, scratches and potentially expensive repairs and downtime. When the SAVer cable is used with the high quality mating adapter, MAAD-FC, your front panels will stay clean without adding loss.

OPLC-KIT Launch Condition Kit

This modal conditioner unit will ensure the ideal launch condition is being used for a single channel source unit. The unit can accommodate numerous launch conditions including Encircled Flux, 70/70, and M80 among others.