OP725-OP940 Bidirectional IL/RL Test System

Advancing the World of Fiber Optics™

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The OP725 is an optical switch for single mode or multimode applications available in a slim-line, half-rack enclosure. This optical switch is USB powered and incorporates the latest technology in high-speed switching.  With high repeatability and low loss, the OP725 is ideally suited for bidirectional testing.

Paired with our OP940 Insertion & Return Loss Meter, operators can make quick work of measuring both ends of cables in a truly bidirectional manner.

The OP725 can be connected to the OP940 via USB to allow control of bidirectional switching via the OP940’s front panel controls or in OPL-PRO software.

It can also be used in more complex, multi-instrument configurations with other OptoTest instruments
(for example, an OP710) and OPL-MAX / OPL-LOG software.

Product Features

  • Fully automated, concurrent dual wavelength IL and RL measurements with no mandrel wrapping

  • Bidirectional operation; measuring total insertion loss and individual return loss

  • External power meter for uni-directional operation

  • On-board, InGaAs optical power meter features measurement range reaching -65dBm

  • Available in multimode and single mode

  • Quad-wavelength (FTTX) single mode model also available upon request

  • Controlled launch condition (underfill, fully filled, overfill) available for multimode fiber

  • Wide dynamic range on return loss measurements:
    10dB to 80dB for single mode
    10dB to 58dB for multimode

  • Can be controlled remotely via USB using OPL series software or OptoTest DLLs

  • Integrated temperature monitoring

  • Convenient benchtop size (19-inch rackmount frame available upon request)

Product Specs


Single ModeFTTXMultimode
Source Wavelength1310nm, 1550nm1310nm, 1550nm, 1490nm, 1625nm850nm, 1300nm
Calibrated Return Loss
Measurement Range
-10dB to -80dB-10dB to -80dB-10dB to -58dB
Return Loss Linearity±1dB (-12dB to -72dB)±1dB (-12dB to -72dB)±1dB (-10dB to -45dB)
Distance Range100 meters (standard)/ 2500 meters
(Rep Rate adjusted)
100 meters (standard)/ 2500 meters
(Rep Rate adjusted)
100 meters (standard)/ 2500 meters
(Rep Rate adjusted)
OPM Linearity±0.05dB (+3dBm to -65dBm at 1490nm)