High Performance Reference Cables HPR

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In order to obtain accurate and repeatable results measuring insertion and return loss, the reference connector needs to outperform the connector under test. Reference cables from OptoTest are manufactured with reference ends that are certified to exceed the FOTP171A (A2.2.1) standard.

The HPR series of reference cables are offered with connectors for FC, SC, ST and LC with PC (UPC) or APC polish.  The source end meets the standard requirements for PC or APC polish.

Hybrid cables are available where the source end has a different connector than the reference end. For example, an HPR-FP-SA-S refers to a single mode reference cable with an FC/PC connector at the source end and an SC/APC connector at the reference end.

HPR cables also available with MTP connectors, click here for more information.

Product Features

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Product Specs

Insertion Loss <0.15dB
Return Loss (1300nm and 1550nm) >55dB single mode
>45dB multimode
>70dB single mode
>50dB multimode
Radius of curvature 14mm to 25mm 8mm to 12mm
Apex offset <30um
Fiber height +/- 50nm
Fiber core position (eccentricity) <0.6μm