How to set up the OP-SPHR Integrating Sphere

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When a new OP-SPHR is shipped from OptoTest, it will require a few quick steps to make it ready to use. Following the instructions in this video will allow you to begin using the sphere in you production lines.

Remove the port plug from the back of the sphere using the provided hex wrench to loosen the two set-screws. Once both screws are loosened about 0.1”, the port plug should be easy to remove.

Next, screw the OP-SPHR’s mounting ring into place on the threading as if it were any other adapter. Make sure to have the larger diameter closer to the detector. Once the mounting ring is attached, slide the sphere into place and arrange the holes on the right and top sides of the power meter.

Finally, tighten the set screws to lock it into place using the hex wrench.

The same steps can be followed for mounting an OP-SPHR to a power meter on the front panel of a unit.