Software Overview


OPL-LOG supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing with all the same customization. It specializes in performing timer-based, long-term data gathering.


OPL-MAX supports multichannel insertion loss and return loss testing and is ideal for facilities producing multifiber cables or more complex components. Its programmable sequences, FiberMap crossed fiber analysis, and easily configured test reports allow for a completely customizable testing solution. 


OPL-PowerRT was designed as a simple solution for testing insertion loss on multichannel fiber optic assemblies while allowing the operator to monitor all test results simultaneously.  It shows real-time power meter readings for all channels of an OP710. 


OPL-PRO supports serialized single channel and duplex cable testing for insertion loss and return loss. It features a real-time display and a streamlined approach which makes it the fastest solution on the market. It is ideal for a production environment because it features customizable pass/fail criteria and label printing which allows for efficient and effective traceability and accountability.