Software Overview

Software Overview

OPL-CLX views screen


IL and RL Testing Application with a Modular Design and SQL Database Support.

OptoTest OPLLOG Measure


Optical Parameter Datalogging with support for Temperature & Humidity.

OptoTest OPLMax Software


Multifiber Connectors with Production Applications.

OptoTest PowerRT Software


Simultaneous Insertion Loss Testing on Multiple Channels.



Simplex or Duplex testing, ideal for production.


Software Developers Kit.  Libraries available for Windows 32-bit/64-bit. Click here to learn more.


Used to adjust source output power and toggle (turn off and on) the OP250’s sources.


A complementary companion software package for the OP280 which can create and edit sequences to define the order of channels for the OP280.  These sequences can be loaded to and from the OP280.


A simple, easy-to-use software which controls both the OP508 and OP510 USB-powered optical power meters.  The software reads and displays the optical power for the selected wavelength.


OPL-7 provides a quick and easy way to measure the power output on all channels of an OP710 Optical Power Meter. With a simple user interface and a minimum sampling rate of 10Hz (80Hz with certain units), it is easily the most powerful way to utilize an OP710.


Provides a quick and simple way to measure and record output power for up to 16 OP740 Optical Power Meters. With an easy-to-use interface and a minimum sampling rate of 8us, the OP740 is used to its maximum potential in this software.


Designed to accompany the OP1100 Discontinuity Analyzer, it provides a fully integrated solution to test changes in insertion loss due to heat, vibration, shock, or any other outside force. It features sampling rates as fast as 0.4µs and the ability to capture traces of any discontinuity event that occurs.


Designed specifically to control the OP1021 Launch Condition Analyzer, OPL-LCA is the perfect solution to testing for encircled flux compliance.  Using the nearfield and farfield scans together with configurable pass/fail criteria allows the user to provide EF-compliance documentation to their customers.