Bidirectional Fiber Testing on a Duplex-LC Cable

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Bidirectional Fiber Testing of LC Cable for Optical Insertion Loss and Return Loss

The OP940 and OP721 form the ideal bidirectional fiber testing system for multichannel bidirectional insertion loss and return loss testing. The increased demand for more efficient IL and RL testing on multifiber cables, such as duplex LCs, MTP cables, and MTP fanout cables has led to an increased interest in this type of measurement. Additionally, this type of test is ideal for cables that require a two or three cable reference method, such as harsh environment connectors like 38999 and other Neutrik’s OpticalCON. In this video, we demonstrate how to perform this test on a duplex LC cable in OPL-Max.

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How to Save Time When Testing Multiple Cable Types

Changing out reference cables during the insertion loss and return loss testing process to accommodate new DUT types can cause downtime for a manufacturing line and drastically reduce the efficiency of the cable production process.

With single channel DUTs and reference cables, the issue may seem inconsequential. However, in the modern fiber production line every minute counts; any method that can speed up time per test, minimize the time between tests, and prevent downtime are ways to make your cables more profitable.

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Testing Insertion Loss and Return Loss of a Simplex Cable in OPL-MAX

In this video we will go through the process of testing insertion loss and return loss of a simplex cable in OPL-Max. This standard setup allows us to explore the features and functions of OPL-Max that operators are likely to encounter day to day.

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Testing Polarity & Continuity


During the production and installation of MTP and MPO cables, it’s necessary to verify continuity and polarity on these cables. The OP-Polarity Kit makes it a simple task.

The OptoTest Polarity Kit consists of an OP280, which acts as a source module, and an OP480, which acts as a detector module, and a set of SAVer cables depending on the type of DUT you will be testing. The OP280 has 12 distinct sources, 1 for each channel. The OP480 has multiple channel modes and comes with 4 preset mappings.

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